Do you have a passion for bringing people together to solve problems? Are you a skilled facilitator that can bring ideas to implementation? Do you have previous experience working with Indigenous Nation leadership, boards, or committees? If so, we are very interested in connecting!

The Indigenous Caucus (the Caucus) of the Line 3 Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee (Line 3 IAMC) seeks a collaborative Project Manager (PM) with an appreciation for the diversity of Indigenous perspectives on natural resource development, and the ability to identify strategic opportunities, communicate clearly, and build consensus to advance common goals and interests.

The PM will work closely with the Caucus, the communities impacted by the project, government/regulator partners on the Committee, and others to advance shared goals of safety, protection of the environment, and respect for Indigenous rights and interests as they relate to the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline corridor.

Who We Are

The Line 3 Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee (Line 3 IAMC of Committee) brings together Indigenous and federal government representatives to monitor the pipeline project and provide advice to federal regulators. The Committee is comprised of the Indigenous Caucus, one senior representative from the federal government – Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and a senior representative from the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).

The Caucus is comprised of 14 Indigenous members from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba who are selected by impacted Nations along the Line 3 pipeline corridor.

To learn more about the Line 3 IAMC, visit

Responsibilities of the Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for assisting the Caucus to deliver on its roles, as outlined in the Committee Terms of Reference, and to shape and implement its agenda, which is informed by the common priorities of the impacted Nations.

Specific responsibilities of the Caucus Director include:

  • Liaising with Indigenous leaders and communities, government representatives and industry to build and maintain strong working relationships based on trust and partnership.
  • Providing strategic guidance, agenda-setting, and planning support to the Caucus to advance its goals and objectives.
  • Gather, organize, and disseminate committee views within the framework of a consensus-based model.
  • Assisting the Caucus to formulate advice, consistent with its mandate, to governments and regulators.
  • Implementing Caucus communications and media relations efforts.
  • Prepare documentation that supports Caucus decision-making processes (i.e., briefing notes and memorandums)
  • Research and gather information on issues that impact Line 3 IAMC work-plans and find solutions to addressing the barriers they face
  • Managing issues and political dynamics arising in the context of the Caucus’ work.
  • Work closely with the Line 3 IAMC secretariat and NRCan representatives (i.e., Program Delivery Team) to oversee contribution agreement management.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

The Caucus is seeking a candidate who meets the following requirements:

Caucus Project Manager Experience:

  1. Working directly with First Nations and Indigenous communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and/or Manitoba in ways that respect traditional worldviews and protocols.
  2. Working with various levels of government, including AB, SK, and MB First Nations and Métis Nation, federal government and/or regulators, provincial government, and regional government.
  3. Building consensus and advancing shared goals amongst diverse groups.
  4. Effectively managing issues, communications, and media relations in a fast-paced, high-profile environment.
  5. Managing budgets, employees, and/or contracted resources.


  1. Knowledge of Indigenous Nations in AB, SK, and MB


  1. Completion of at least post-secondary education (bachelor’s level) in a relevant field or equivalent combination of experience and training acceptable to the Caucus.


  • 1. Ability and willingness to travel regularly within AB, SK, and MB.
  • 2. Preference will be given to Indigenous candidates

How to Apply

Interested candidates are asked to express their interest to the Caucus. An expression of interest must include:

  1. Application Letter. The letter should describe:
    • Your understanding of the Line 3 IAMC, its goals, objectives, and guiding principles.
    • Why you are interested in serving the Caucus; and
    • What you offer the Caucus, highlighting relevant experience, knowledge, and competencies.
  2. Complete CV. The CV must include your past employment history and education or training.
  3. Partner Experience, if applicable. If you work as part of a firm or with partners, provide a description of the experience and capacity of any other resources available to the Caucus via this relationship.
  4. Disclosure of past work experience on Line 3. You are asked to disclose past work experience (direct and indirect) on the Line 3 Pipeline replacement project with Enbridge, and/or its contractors, as well as past work with the Line 3 IAMC including work with or on the committee, or as a previous Contribution Agreement holder.
  5. Compensation. The range of compensation is between $75,000-$95,000 commensurate with experience.

Please send your expression of interest to no later than January 20, 2023. Thank you in advance for your interest.

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