Our Work


The Committee's Goal

The Committee’s overall goal, as stated in the Terms of Reference, is to:

“...form the basis of an enhanced relationship between Indigenous Nations, the Government of Canada, and the National Energy Board in respect of the Line 3 Replacement Program activities. Through communication and engagement, the Committee will provide for collaborative and inclusive Indigenous involvement in the review, monitoring, and reporting of environmental, safety and socio-economic aspects related to Line 3 Replacement Program activities over their lifecycle, with meaningful and adequate consideration of traditional land use, sacred sites, historical knowledge, and the diversity of Indigenous traditional and cultural worldviews.”

To achieve this vision, the Committee is pursuing several areas of work.

Joint NEB-Indigenous Monitoring Program

To enable Indigenous Nations to participate in the oversight of Line 3, the Committee is supporting First Nations and Metis Monitors to work side-by-side with National Energy Board Inspection Officers during NEB compliance verification activities.


Reviewing Regulatory Filings from Indigenous Perspectives

To ensure that Indigenous Nations are able to provide informed advice to the Government and regulators, the Committee is engaging technical resources to review from Indigenous perspectives relevant Enbridge regulatory filings submitted to the NEB. This technical expertise will support the capacity of Indigenous Nations to understand and engage with the Line 3 project and support the Committee in providing informed advice to the NEB and Government.

Engaging With and Building Capacity in Indigenous Nations

The Committee engages and communicates to ensure that potentially impacted Indigenous Nations—particularly Elders, leadership, and youth—are informed about the Committee’s work and guide the Committee’s actions. The Committee also seeks to improve Indigenous Nations’ capacity to effectively monitor the project, to engage with the National Energy Board and Enbridge, to take advantage of opportunities related to the Project, and to respond to safety, social, and environmental impacts relating to the Project.


Advice to Government and Regulators

As it learns from its engagement with Indigenous Nations and the Indigenous Monitoring and Filings Review Program, the Committee may provide input and advice to the NEB and Government with respect to the environmental, safety, and socio-economic aspects of the Line 3 Replacement Program or on broader initiatives to improve environmental protection and regulatory systems.


Traditional Knowledge

The Committee is focused on incorporating the diversity of Indigenous perspectives and distinct bodies of knowledge in the construction, operation, and regulation of the Line 3 Replacement Program. To this end, the Committee is considering how Indigenous knowledge and knowledge keepers can be at the centre of its programs, engagements, and advice.