About Us

Committee Members

Sixteen Indigenous Members and two federal representatives from Natural Resources Canada and the Canada Energy Regulator (formerly National Energy Board) make up the Line 3 Committee. Indigenous Nations selected all Indigenous Members; the Government’s only role was to ensure processes were open, fair, and transparent.

Committee Members sit for limited-time terms. The Committee is currently developing a plan to engage Indigenous Nations to select the next cohort of Members.

Line 3 Committee


Potentially impacted Indigenous Nations co-developed the Terms of Reference with Natural Resources Canada and the National Energy Board over 11 months from December 2016 to October 2017. Workshops were held across the prairies in 2017 to engage Indigenous Nations


More than fifty Indigenous volunteers formed a working group to draft the Terms of Reference and select Indigenous Committee Members.


February 22-23 in Calgary (line-wide)

June 26-27 in Saskatoon (line-wide)

May 15-16 in Prince Albert (Saskatchewan region)

May 17-18 in Edmonton (Alberta region)

May 24 in Regina (Saskatchewan region)

June 12-13 in Winnipeg (Manitoba region)

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference guide the Committee’s mandate, membership, structure, and procedures. They were co-developed by Indigenous Nations, the Government of Canada, and the National Energy Board. Leadership from Indigenous Nations endorsed the Terms of Reference, which were also endorsed by the Minister of Natural Resources Canada and the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the National Energy Board in October 2017.


Our Relationship with Enbridge and Indigenous Nations

Enbridge does not financially support the Committee, but can be an active participant as an invited guest and has committed to sharing information with the Committee.

Indigenous participation in the IAMC is “without prejudice,” meaning that it does not indicate that a community supports or opposes Enbridge’s replacement project.

The Committee will not replace or diminish any right of individual Indigenous Nations to be consulted and accommodated by the Government.

Secretariat and National Energy Board Support

The Committee is supported by a Secretariat, housed within Natural Resources Canada’s Indigenous Partnerships Office West based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Secretariat’s role is to coordinate logistics and administration, provide professional advice, and implement the Committee’s priorities.