Engagement and Capacity

Building Capacity through Engagement

The Committee continues to focus on regional engagement with leadership, Elders, and technicians from impacted communities to share information about its work as well as other government initiatives for capacity funding, including the Economic Pathways Partnership.

Engagement sessions continue to provide Indigenous Nations with information about the Committee’s work, and create a space where the Committee can receive grassroots input on future priorities and the advice it is mandated to provide. Committee members have also been actively sharing information about their work at external events including the 2019 National Elders Gathering, Manitoba Metis Federation Annual General Assemblies (2018 and 2019), Assembly of First Nations Annual General Assembly (2018), and other conferences, gatherings, and pow-wows across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


2017–2018 Community Capacity Building Initiative

In the 2017–18 fiscal year, the Committee committed approximately $1.5 million to Indigenous Nations potentially impacted by the Line 3 Replacement Program. These funds were used to support projects that built capacity in Nations as it relates to the monitoring of the Line 3 Replacement Program.

Fifty Indigenous Nations across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba submitted applications that were deemed eligible for this funding.

Many of the projects that received IAMC funding focused on training Indigenous monitors and building emergency response capacity. Other projects completed Traditional Land Use and occupation studies and several communities developed business and employment strategies related to the Line 3 pipeline.