Tribal Chief Isabel O’Soup

Saskatchewan First Nations

Isabel O’Soup is a proud Anishinabek woman from The Key First Nation.  She was born in Alberta, but raised on her first nation her entire life. She is the mother of 2, one daughter, and one son. She is also a proud grandmother to 2 little boys: Eden & Sebastian, and recently her first grand-daughter, Nakoa. Isabel was first elected to the Tribal Chief position in April 2014, and had previously served as Chief of Key First Nation for 6 years And Band Council from 4 years. She is the only the second female Chief to lead her First Nation – as the first woman Chief of Key First Nation was elected in 1953. Isabel has a degree in Corporate Governance from Director’s College in Ontario and was the first - First Nation woman to Chair the Audit & Finance Committee for SIGA from 2006 to 2010 and has served on numerous boards including the Sunrise Regional Health Board. Aside from her Political life, she also invests in property real estate. Some of her hobbies include: playing ball, pool and being a “backyard mechanic”

She is first and foremost a mother and grandmother.

She has worked for her people her whole life, and lives by the underlying value to:  “Always remember who you are and where you come from.”