Richard Aisaican M.S.

Saskatchewan First Nations

Richard Aisaican serves as a Councilor for Cowessess First Nation #73 in southeastern Saskatchewan. Richard chairs Cowessess First Nation’s legislative committee (Stewards of the Land) and he manages all aspects of the duty to consult and accommodate as it relates to land, air & water. As a former Trustee for Cowessess First Nations Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE), Richard has a long history of analyzing lands issues as they pertain to rights holders. Richard holds a Master’s degree in Science from San Diego State University (SDSU), as well as an undergraduate degree in First Nations Studies from Vancouver Island University (VIU). Richard's personal and professional pursuit is to build on his understanding of what "self-determination" means for the Nation of Cowessess and most notably what "self-determination" can mean for individual members of the Nation. As "self-determination" is an inherent right so too is land an inherent right. Richard looks forward to the experience that the IAMC work will provide and is grateful for the opportunity to serve and balance all interests.