Mike Sutherland

Manitoba First Nations

Mike Sutherland is a member of the Peguis First Nation in Treaty 1 and is the current Director of Peguis’ Consultation & Special Projects Office. Before Mike started the Consultation & Special Projects office, he was a Councilor for Peguis. Under Mike’s leadership, the office has participated in over 30 environmental projects at the regional, provincial & federal levels. Mike has been in and out of post-secondary institutions throughout his life time, however he places the greatest value on the education he received from living on the land. Mike has been an active trapper for the past 43 years, being taught at a young age by his grandfather. Mike has also held positions in forestry, fishing, farming, in addition to a number of years spent on a contract working for Manitoba Conservation with the Aboriginal Relations Branch. Mike has been married for 35 years and has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. He is passionate about teaching his children and grandchildren his knowledge of the land.