Marci Riel

Manitoba Métis Federation

Marci Riel is the Director of the Energy and Infrastructure department at the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF). The Department was created by a Resolution of the MMF Caucus to address the development and management of hydroelectricity, solar power, wind power, nuclear power and energy pipelines constructed on lands utilized by the Manitoba Metis Community. Although Marci is not an elected representative, her role on the committee is to best represent the needs of the citizens of the Metis Nation and to assist Canada and the National Energy Board (NEB) in better understanding the potential impacts of the project on the rights, claims and interests of the Manitoba Metis Community. Ms. Riel holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and prior to joining the MMF in 2011, Marci worked in the field of public safety and crime prevention. Marci is the mother of two active young boys and together with her husband Kevin is proud to be raising the next generation of citizens of the Metis Nation. Marci lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba – in the homeland of the Metis Nation - less than a mile from the historic Riel House site.