Barb Hobson

Manitoba First Nations

Swan Lake First Nation

Barb is a proud member of Swan Lake First Nation located in Treaty 1 territory. She currently holds the position of Communication Liaison in her community. Previous to this, she worked as an intern with the Government of Manitoba’s Aboriginal Public Administration Program. She held several roles as an intern at Manitoba Conservation, including Human Resources and with the Aboriginal Relations Branch. Upon completion of the internship program, she secured full time employment as a Logistics Co-ordinator for the East Side Planning Initiative. In 2009, Barb took on an advocacy role as an Aboriginal Liaison with Banister Pipeline in Brandon, Manitoba where she ensured partnerships were developed and Indigenous people were hired and benefitted economically from the Alberta Clipper and Southern Lights Pipeline Projects. Barb reconnected with her roots and culture when she moved back to Swan Lake First Nation, where she has served several roles including Employment and Training Co-ordinator, Brighter Futures Program Coordinator, then later as an Income Assistance Administrator. Barb continues to do important work with the Line 3 Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee, advancing projects such as providing First Nation community members with the essential skills and knowledge required to conduct environmental assessments and aquatic ecosystem monitoring