Wendy Gervais

Métis Nation – Saskatchewan

Wendy Gervais is a Michif/Métis instructor at Saskpolytech in Regina who currently teaches Social 10 & 30, and Native Studies 30. Wendy has extensive experience developing and implementing educational and community programming from an Indigenous perspective. Wendy has spent 20 years as an educator in the Regina Catholic School Division (RCSD), where she collaborated on many initiatives promoting Indigenous perspectives in the curricula. In collaboration with The Office of the Treaty Commissioner (OTC), Wendy co-authored and implemented Teaching Treaties in the Classroom K-6 Kit; these teacher resources are now available to all K-12 schools in Saskatchewan. Wendy remains engaged and connected to her Indigenous roots through her community involvement: she is a former president of ANHTA (All Nations Healin’ Thru Artz), an after school program for Indigenous youth, she currently serves as a community board member on Circle of Voices (RCSD Aboriginal Advisory Committee), and most recently, she was elected as a Regional Director for the Métis Nation- Saskatchewan (MNS). It is through this role that she is able to fulfill her passion of promoting the advancement of the Métis peoples of Saskatchewan. Wendy is also a passionate advocate and educator of Michif history. Wendy loves having fun and enjoying life. She is a single parent to her son, who graduated from FNUC with an Indigenous Education degree and is currently pursuing Law at the University of Saskatchewan.