Ruby Quinney

Alberta First Nations

I grew up in Frog Lake First Nations at the time it was a small community where everyone visited on another, I came from an active noisy family of 12 siblings 6 girls and 6 boys, where we all had daily chores after school before sundown, as we had no electricity or running water. We travelled everyone Sunday to church on horse and wagon.

Growing up hard work and respect was taught and shown to all of us at a young age, and I have used this teaching to progress throughout my teen and mid adult livelihood.

I graduated at the age of 16 from Frog Lake, only to further my education Grouard Alberta college. While attending college I was  unable to complete my education due to family members passing away.

In my twenties I was married and had two young boys while living in Canmore Alberta. Later on the years we moved to Peace River Alberta, where I took on the role as a Patient Care Aid in an extended care facility and went to complete my training with NorQuest College. I maintain this title through the course of my life in Peace River and also when we moved to Stony Plain Alberta.

In future time passing I moved back to Frog Lake where I worked at the MorningSky Health and Wellness Centre as a Home Care Provider for 6 years. Then I further my job skills and education with the St. Paul Education Regional Division No.1, I assisted in the C.L.A.S.S. Program with counselling, life skills, academic and support services to students that had trouble in the bigger classroom teachings.

Today I am currently the Liaison for the Frog Lake Energy Resources Corp (FLERC). I have completed 10 years of service working alongside with the Frog Lake Community and the many oil industries and representatives of each oil company. In my line of work I aim to help show and explain work site procedures to the residents, leadership, and also help provide a positive interaction with oil companies. Working alongside the men and women in all aspects of the work field, it has shown me a positive interaction with the community. I am continually seeking and pursuing more knowledge and education to help build my working relationship within the aspect of my position. It brings a lot of joy to my life to be a positive role model in the community and helping teach the relationship and culture too many individuals that come to Frog Lake First Nations.

I am presently a Board Member with the Board of Directors of Morning Sky Health and Wellness Society in Frog Lake, AB and with the Elk Point Victim Services of Elk Point, AB.