Gen Carr

Canada Energy Regulator

Genevieve Carr is Professional Leader, Environment (aka Chief Environmental Scientist), with the Canada Energy Regulator, where she oversees the work of environment and socio-economic specialists across the organization, ensuring that the CER is delivering technical excellence in its oversight of the facilities it regulates. Genevieve has worked with the departments of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Environment and Climate Change Canada, often at the interface of the environment, the economy and Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples. In recent years, she has worked on files such as the development of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, on Canada’s environmental and regulatory reviews (that became Bill C-69), and on oil and gas matters in Canada’s north. Genevieve is a published scientist with degrees from McGill University (BSc), the University of Alberta (MSc), and the University of Ottawa (PhD); she joined the federal public service in 2005. Genevieve is mom to two daughters and she and her spouse are (re)discovering the joys of adolescence, this time with a parents’ lens!